About Everest


Thank you for visiting “Everest at Kings Mountain!”

You may wonder why we chose the name Everest?

We chose “Everest” as a name for our “Action Sports, Retail and Entertainment Park Destination” because of what the name conveys. Climbing Mt. Everest is the supreme symbol of man’s personal struggle to achieve. As a metaphor; Everest is simple and pure, man versus nature, it approaches a universal understanding of our primal desire to conquer and will eternally stand as a symbol for triumph and failure. As long as Everest and man exist, it will draw adventurers and challenge them without mercy resulting in an unforgettable experience that changes their lives forever. Those who have reached the summit of the mountain seem unable to forget it for a moment, as if the mountain has seeped into their genetic fiber. Others who attempt or merely visit Everest are often equally affected.

This is the exact impact that we intend for the visitors of “Everest at Kings Mountain” and especially on those who endeavor to challenge themselves using our facilities and courses. Obviously such extreme self-motivation and willingness to challenge yourself and/or your Team is an optional impact factor “Everest at Kings Mountain” will have on a select number of our visitors. Other visitors can simply choose to admire and enjoy the facilities and courses we provide in their own unique, less challenging way and in this we will serve all of our visitors individually.

The name “Everest” is synonymous with “Awe” and “Everest at Kings Mountain” will be constructed and well maintained to ensure that effect on our visitors. Our development is a perfect match to the geographic area and history of Kings Mountain North Carolina and our unique business model provides a higher level of probability that we will be successful. Our mission is simple… To attract, awe inspire, challenge and serve the visitors of Everest at Kings Mountain in such a way as to create memories that will last a lifetime!
For more information please use the Contact Us page.

Please click the link below to download a pdf version of our Development Profile that outlines the first three phases of our plans.

Everest at Kings Mountain Development Profile



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